Our Company was started in 1964 when Bill J. Graham, an engineer from Oklahoma A&M, bought two oil wells in West Texas and became an independent oil operator.

Through hard work, perseverance and the benevolence of a local bank, his holdings grew to over 300 wells.  Bill D. Graham, his oldest son, received his Petroleum Engineering degree from Texas Tech University.  After working for Amoco Production Company for almost five years, he returned to Midland and began working with his father.  After the death of Bill J. Graham in 1983, the business was incorporated with Bill D. Graham as President.  In 2000, the corporation name was changed to Incline Energy, Inc. to reflect the focus on increasing production and reserves.  Bill D. Graham is currently the President of Incline Energy, Inc.  Some of the properties acquired in the 1960s and 1970s are still owned and operated by Incline Energy today.

The first oil well drilled in America as drilled to a depth of 69 1/2 feet by “Colonel” Edwin Drake near Titusville, Pennsylvania.  The shallow discovery produced 10 barrels of oil per day.  Drake’s second well was drilled to a depth of 480 feet and produced 24 barrels of oil per day.  Just as Drake’s experience and improvements in technology resulted in better production then, we endeavor to utilize all of the latest technologies, coupled with our experience, to further improve production now.

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