Fraud Notice

Incline Energy, Inc. is an oil and gas producing company located in Texas.

A person or persons have fraudulently printed checks using our Company name in an attempt to perpetrate a fraud on unsuspecting victims. DO NOT DEPOSIT THESE CHECKS. This scheme is an attempt to get access to your bank account and to steal your money.

Incline Energy, Inc. is not affiliated in any way with I.E.R.C. or Incline Energy Research Center. Incline Energy does not conduct research or consumer surveys.

Incline Energy, Inc. does not send unsolicited correspondence or payments to anyone for any purpose. Any unsolicited check you may receive are not valid and are an attempt to access your bank account. DO NOT DEPOSIT THESE CHECKS. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CASH THESE CHECKS. THEY ARE NOT VALID. Contact your State Attorney General’s office to¬† aid in the investigation of this fraud.

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